When it comes to finding a top quality turntable, having the right budget is important – however, it’s also important that you don’t end up overspending on your next turntable! As a result of this, there are a number of different turntables that you could consider which could offer you with the features that you’ve been hoping for from your next turntable!
But how can you choose the right turntable for your needs? Below are some of our top picks for the best turntables under $1000 so that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on your next purchase, while still not compromising on quality for your vinyl too!

Best Turntables Under $1000

Pro-Ject – X1 Turntable (Walnut)

Pro-Ject - X1 Turntable (Walnut)
  • Speed: 33, 45, 78 (electronic speed change)
  • Principle: belt drive
  • Platter: 20mm thick, 1.5 kg heavy acryl
  • Tonearm: 8.6" carbon/aluminum sandwich
  • Dimensions (WHD): 16.3" x 4.9" x 13.2"

This model runs at three different speeds – 33, 45 and 78 rpm – and works on a belt drive system, making it effective for a number of different applications. The platter is made from top quality, heavy acryl and is 20mm thick for the optimal sound quality.

Priced at $899, this model of turntable is stylish and simplistically designed, and so could be a good fit for a number of different homes and styles. The model has achieved an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with past customers talking about the visual appeal of the model as well as the great customer support of the seller.

Music Hall MMF-5.3 2 Speed Belt Driven Turntable

When it comes to top quality turntables, the Music Hall MMF 5.3 2 Speed Belt Driven Turntable could be a good option for many people looking for their own new turntable. The model runs at two different speeds – 33 1/3 and 45 rpm – and features a dynamically balanced alloy platter which is useful for ensuring top quality audio from the turntable for all of your vinyl records.

The model has achieved 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is priced at about $995, making it one of the pricier options on our list. However, if you have the cash to spend, it could be a high quality investment for your vinyl records.

Audio technical AT-LP7 Fully Manual Belt Drive Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP7 Fully Manual Belt-Drive Turntable Black
  • Fully manual, Belt-drive operation with two speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
  • Motor features a speed-sensor system to maintain accurate platter rotation speed
  • VM520EB Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge provides outstanding channel separation and extended frequency response, and allows for easy replacement with any VM stylus
  • J-shaped tone arm features a metallic gimbal Suspension system and precision bearings for excellent tracking
  • Built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier for connection to components with or without a dedicated phono input with selectable modes for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges

Priced at $799, this model is moderately priced but offers top quality sound for all of your vinyl records. Designed and built with a moving magnet cartridge, the model is great for providing crisp and clear audio for your vinyl records and is particularly good for its ability to provide exceptional channel separation and extended frequency response.

The model is designed with a J-shaped tone arm and the unique suspension system for the toner allows for excellent tracking abilities when compared to some other turntable models, helping to promote top audio quality without damaging the record itself. The model is also built with 40 mm MDF which helps to prevent vibration and the anti resonance platter further ensures continuous rotation speeds for the platter.

This model has achieved a highly respectable rating on Amazon of 4.2 out of 5 stars from over 30 past customers, with reviews speaking of the ease of use and fantastic sound quality.

Denon DP-400 Semi Automatic Analog Turntable

Denon DP-400 Semi-Automatic Analog Turntable with Speed Auto Sensor | Specially Designed Curved Tonearm | Supports 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM (Vintage) Speeds | Modern Looks, Superior Audio
  • REDISCOVER YOUR PASSION FOR VINYL – Give your old analog records a digital rebirth with this state-of-the-art automatic turntable that supports 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm or 78 rpm, covering a wide array of rotating speeds
  • MORE FEATURES, MORE FLEXIBILITY – The DP400 is equipped with weighted belt-driven platter, one-touch button controls, supports both MM and MC cartridges to suit your preferences, a speed auto sensor for accurate sound each time, and more
  • A UNIQUE CURVED TONEARM DESIGN – Carefully designed horizontal tracking angled tonearm with auto-lift and playback stop HELPS PRESERVE YOUR RECORDS WITHOUT DAMAGING THEM by reducing harmonic distortion and giving crystal clear sound
  • BUILT-IN PHONO EQUALIZER creates an open, enveloping sound stage that enlivens your vinyl collection while staying true to the original recording. Connect it directly to a mini component or integrated amp that lacks a phono terminal for seamless use
  • EASY INSTALLATION & SETUP – Comes with a pre-mounted cartridge, setting the turntable up in your living room or home theater is simple. Instantly start listening to your treasured vinyl collection

When looking for the perfect new turntable for your needs, it is important that you consider a number of different factors. The Denon DP-400 model of turntable is a highly popular choice for a few different reasons, which could make this the right model of turntable for your vinyl if you’ve been looking for a new one or an upgrade. This model comes in two different colors, too: black and white, both of which are simplistically designed but stylish and so would complement any room.

This model offers three different speeds, supporting 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm allowing you to truly bring to life those old vinyl records! Furthermore, its curved tonearm helps to place the right amount of pressure on your vinyl records to ensure a top quality audio but without leaving any damage to the records themselves, something which is further supported by the other features that the model boasts of.

The Denon DP-400 is easy to install and set up and has its own inbuilt phono equalizer in order to provide top quality, enveloping sound for the listener! It is priced at $569 and has achieved an average rating on Amazon of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 75 past reviewers, making it a solid contender for the best turntable under $1000.

Denon DJ VL12 Prime Professional Turntable with True Quartz Lock

Denon DJ VL12 PRIME | Professional Turntable with True Quartz Lock & RGB LED Light Ring,BLACK
  • Isolation feet eliminate unwanted vibration and feedback
  • Isolated motor design, for optimal signal-to-noise ratio, and switchable Low and High torque motor settings
  • S-shaped tone arm for accurate tracking, adjustable pitch range: ±8%, 16%, 50%
  • Rugged all-metal tone arm base and high-quality brushed metal controls
  • Built-in RGB lighting illuminate’s platter’s edge, colour selection and brightness controls, and 2-speed operation 331/3 and 45 RPM (45 RPM adapter included)

If it’s style and class that you’re after without compromising on a high quality audio, this model is the one for you! Priced at $899, it is one of the more expensive models on our list of the top turntables for under $1000, however, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars it is safe to say that you can expect good things when you choose to invest in this model.

The Denon DJ VL12 professional turntable features a quartz direct drive and has two speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. This makes it a popular choice for many vinyl lovers, and the premium audio quality that it can produce; the model implements numerous vibration minimizing features to help ensure that all sound is crisp and free from unwanted vibrations and interference. Furthermore, to help make navigating the turntable easier in the dark, the LED light ring helps to add a whole new element to this model’s aesthetic appeal while also making sure that you can see what you’re doing at all times!

Final Thoughts

Finding a top quality turntable on a budget can sometimes seem a little bit difficult, and while everyone’s budget will vary, it can be safe to say that there are plenty of options for high quality turntables under $1000 if you are able to spend this sort of money on your next one. Luckily, we have come up with our top five picks for the best turntables under $1000 so you can get one that is both within your budget and which offers you with all of the features that you would want from your new turntable.